Toys and Activities for Your Child’s First Years

Many of the new mothers I talk to want to know how they can stimulate and entertain their babies and toddlers, and what the best toys are.  The predominant tendency is to buy lots of toys so the child will always have something new to play with and take lots of classes to keep the […]

Favorite Things 6/20/2013

Remember my 60 post challenge? In all honesty, that hasn’t been going very well.  Darling Baby has been very clingy (he’s climbing me like a tree at this very moment actually)  and life has felt very hectic.  But here I am, back at the keyboard and determined to crank out a post or two before […]

Must-Read Books for Before, During and After Pregnancy

Until recently, women had few choices about what to read to prepare for childbirth and parenthood.  Mostly the ever-present “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, which is not necessarily the best choice for women who desire to have a gentle birth with minimal interventions.  There are now many excellent books available to prepare the modern mother […]

Book Review: Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Nurturing our children from birth to seven by Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley is a short and easy to read introduction to Waldorf parenting.  It is based on questions and answers that arose during a parent enrichment course led by Barbara Patterson, a “seasoned Waldorf teacher”. Some of my favorite quotes: “What may […]

The Sistine Madonna (Free Download)

The Sistine Madonna by Rafael is a prominent fixture in most Waldorf Kindergartens.  While religious in nature, the significance of this painting goes far beyond Christian applications.  This painting is considered by prominent Waldorf educator Rene Querido, to be a “yantra”, or an image that reveals spiritual truths to the viewer and even has healing […]