Green Thickie Challenge 2014!

How were your holidays? Did you enjoy them? Did you eat lots of good food? Were you BUSY? I know I was!And I did some shameful things. I went to McDonald’s. I bought frozen pizza. And ate it. I went to McDonald’s again. Yeah, that happened. I’ll be turning in my Real Foodie card at […]

Make-Ahead Smoothies

One way to make weekday mornings less chaotic is to plan ahead. For years, I’ve used smoothies as a quick, healthy breakfast, but it wasn’t until I saw this commercial smoothie lunch that I realized I could freeze them just like I froze purees for my baby! Whenever I make a morning smoothie, there’s always […]

Cherry-Berry Vanilla Shake

Sometimes I throw something together out of whatever I have in the kitchen, no big deal, and then I realize, THIS COULD BE A BLOG POST. This morning I blended up what was left of our frozen fruit with some yogurt and whatever else was nearby and blended it up. I gave it to Darling Baby, […]

Green Smoothies, or How to Lose Weight Without Really Trying

Yesterday my teen son asked me why I have so many junk food recipes on my blog when we eat so many vegetables.  I thought that was so funny!  He told me I needed to put up some posts about our smoothies and salads so I am obliging. We have a Green Smoothie first thing […]