Darling Baby’s Lunch 10/6/13

Here’s a lunch that’s big enough for Darling Baby and myself to share: Black Beans cooked in bone broth with Kerrygold grass-fed cheese Strawberries Coconut flour pumpkin spice muffins (Recipe here. Go make them. Now. They’re amazing) Snow peas Guacamole The lunch containers we use are available here.  

Darling Baby’s Lunch 10-3-13

We stayed home today so I didn’t do any cute shapes or bento magic. The plan was to putter and get things done, but I ended up getting nothing done. We did have quite the dance party in the kitchen though! Here we have: Leftover Cranberry-Ginger Chicken from last night’s dinner Snow Peas Probiotic Ranch Dressing […]

Baked Cranberry-Ginger Chicken

I made this last night. It felt like Fall, and I wanted to eat something Fall-ish and amazing. So I threw all the Fall flavors in my kitchen together and hoped for the best. It turned out great. I baked this in the oven, but I’ll bet you could cook it in the slow cooker […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 9/29/13

The correct serving size of a food group for a toddler is 1 tablespoon for every year of age. Darling Baby is almost 17 months old now so I give him about one and a half or two tablespoons of each food in his lunch. For a lunch at home, using a muffin tin is […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 9-27-13

I made Darling Baby a quick lunch today that showed him how much I <3 him. It included (Clockwise) An egg shaped like this with these molds. I let the egg cool a little too much so it cracked. Oh well! A Carob-Date Truffle Some Kimchi Cherry tomatoes (always cut grapes and cherry tomatoes in half […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 9-26-13

In today’s toddler lunch we have: A raspberry-blueberry coconut flour muffin from batch prep on Sunday Applegate Farms ham and cheddar cheese cut into a pumpkin shape A hard boiled egg Pineapple and grapes For more great lunch ideas served fresh daily, come ‘like’ Real Food Lunchbox, Snacks and Recipe Ideas for Busy Moms and Dads […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 9/25/13

Today Darling Baby and I are staying home and puttering around the house so I didn’t technically “pack” a lunch. Which is nice, because you don’t have to worry about having messy things when you’re eating at home! Clockwise from the top: Kimchi A blueberry-raspberry coconut flour muffin Water A grape-cheese skewer Some leftover sloppy […]

Real Food Lunchbox Facebook Page, and a Quick Snack Recipe!

You may have noticed I’ve been posting a lot of lunches on the blog lately. Well there’s a reason for that. I have exciting news! Ten other awesome Real Food bloggers and myself have started a new Facebook page dedicated to bringing you the best ideas for packing delicious and healthy lunches. We post pictures of […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 9/23/13

This was just a quick snack to take to the park. Darling Baby and I usually share. I packed: Half an avocado with lemon juice, salt and pepper A cheddar cheese and cherry tomato skewer A raspberry-blueberry coconut flour muffin And a drumstick from the chicken I roasted Sunday. Easy, fast, tasty and nutrient dense.

Bacon Maple Meat Muffins

I’m not a morning person. Not at all. So when I’m packing lunches, I really don’t want to mess around with making something awesome in the foggy period between waking and my son leaving for school. That’s why I make lunch things ahead of time in batches. I really want to pack my family healthy, delicious […]