Darling Baby’s Lunch 11-13-13

Today, Darling Baby is having: Good quality, carageenan-free ham and avocado roll-ups Full-fat cottage cheese Unsuphured, no sugar added dried apricots and coconut chips We use these lunch containers.

Mason Jar Sangria

Is there any better party drink than sangria? I don’t think so. It’s beautiful, you can use cheap wine and no one minds, and it’s easy to switch it up with the seasons. This recipe has apples and winter spices, but you could easily change the fruits with the season. A lot of sangria recipes […]

Curried Apple-Butternut Squash Soup

Last weekend we took a trip to the Santa Barbara Mountains. We go in October almost every year. We stay in a cabin, and visit Snow Line Orchard, and carve pumpkins and just generally unplug and enjoy Fall in the mountains. It was Darling Baby’s first year. (We may not look like it here, but I […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 10-28-13

  Today was baby school. Darling Baby absolutely loves baby school. I wish it were twice a week! He’s so social once he warms up to being in a big group. I didn’t have a chance to do much baking this weekend because I was working on some other types of blog posts, so I […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 10-26-13

I made Darling Baby a muffin-tin lunch today with lots of his favorite things. Kimchi Avocado Raw Cheddar Cheese An apple-cinnamon streusel coconut-flour muffin (leftover from breakfast) Blueberries Strauss Family Creamery yogurt with cinnamon  

Darling Baby’s Lunch 10-9-13

It’s raining where I live today, something that almost NEVER happens.  I’m staying home with Darling Baby who I suspect is trying to pop some molars. When he’s teething I give him bigger hunks of food like half an apple instead of apple slices. I refrigerate it and then just let him gnaw away. We’re running low […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 10-7-13

We went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch today so my baby was nice enough to share his lunch with me. We took: Two Coconut-Flour Pumpkin Spice Muffins (Recipe Here [I cut up a brick of cream cheese and put it in the middle of my muffins. You should do that.]) Strauss Family Creamery […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 10/6/13

Here’s a lunch that’s big enough for Darling Baby and myself to share: Black Beans cooked in bone broth with Kerrygold grass-fed cheese Strawberries Coconut flour pumpkin spice muffins (Recipe here. Go make them. Now. They’re amazing) Snow peas Guacamole The lunch containers we use are available here.  

Darling Baby’s Lunch 10-3-13

We stayed home today so I didn’t do any cute shapes or bento magic. The plan was to putter and get things done, but I ended up getting nothing done. We did have quite the dance party in the kitchen though! Here we have: Leftover Cranberry-Ginger Chicken from last night’s dinner Snow Peas Probiotic Ranch Dressing […]

Baked Cranberry-Ginger Chicken

I made this last night. It felt like Fall, and I wanted to eat something Fall-ish and amazing. So I threw all the Fall flavors in my kitchen together and hoped for the best. It turned out great. I baked this in the oven, but I’ll bet you could cook it in the slow cooker […]