Favorite Things 6/20/2013

Remember my 60 post challenge? In all honesty, that hasn’t been going very well.  Darling Baby has been very clingy (he’s climbing me like a tree at this very moment actually)  and life has felt very hectic.  But here I am, back at the keyboard and determined to crank out a post or two before […]

Favorite Things 3/15/2013

I’ve had this blog for not quite a month now and I’m still not completely sure where it’s headed.  Right now I’m just practicing my writing and learning how to use a camera.  When people ask me what my blog is “about”, I really don’t know what to tell them.  It’s a little about cooking […]

This Week’s Favorite Things 3/1/13

Happy March everyone! It may still be snowing in most of the country, but spring has arrived early in Southern California.  We placed an order with this seed company (heirloom seeds and no GMOs) and plan to start growing more of our own food this year. I found this non toxic egg dying kit for […]

This Week’s Favorite Things

This is my version of the O list. I miss Oprah, don’t you? This week I’m loving: Earth Mama’s Lip Balms! They’re organic and use coconut butter instead of petroleum products.  I don’t want petroleum products on my lips when I smother my baby’s face with kisses!  Mint is my favorite. This to make lengthy […]