How to Make Cloth Wipes from Receiving Blankets

When you have a baby, everyone gives you receiving blankets. What are those things even for? I mean, they’re colorful and fun, but really, they serve very little useful purpose. Unless, that is, you happen to need cloth wipes. Which every crunchy mom does. If you look at it that way, people are just giving you […]

Cloth Diaper Wipe Bits Recipe

    This cloth diaper wipe bits recipe is wonderful to make ahead of time so you don’t have to mix up wipe solution every day. These soapy  bits will keep your baby’s bits oh-so-clean and the ingredients are gentle and soothing. The soap is an effective cleanser, while the coconut oil gives the mixture some “glide”. The […]

We Stopped Using a Highchair

Shortly after Darling Baby had his first birthday, I decided it was time to stop using a high chair. So we went to Ikea and bought him a little table and some dishes. We wanted him to learn to sit at a table for meals and we wanted him to have furniture that was his […]

Toys and Activities for Your Child’s First Years

Many of the new mothers I talk to want to know how they can stimulate and entertain their babies and toddlers, and what the best toys are.  The predominant tendency is to buy lots of toys so the child will always have something new to play with and take lots of classes to keep the […]

What I Wish I’d Known During My First Pregnancy

When I became pregnant with my youngest son last year,  I had no idea how many things had changed since my last pregnancy fifteen years ago.  With my first son, I bought a stroller, he slept in a crib nightly, was supplemented with formula.  In 1997 I hadn’t heard of Dr. Sears or attachment parenting.  Crunchy […]

Must-Read Books for Before, During and After Pregnancy

Until recently, women had few choices about what to read to prepare for childbirth and parenthood.  Mostly the ever-present “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, which is not necessarily the best choice for women who desire to have a gentle birth with minimal interventions.  There are now many excellent books available to prepare the modern mother […]

Everything I Know About Nursing Bras

If you are pregnant and plan to breast feed, sooner or later you will find yourself in need of a nursing bra.  These are also sold as “maternity” bras, but you really don’t need a nursing bra while you’re still pregnant (unless of course you’re breastfeeding while pregnant, and in that case, I salute you). […]