Ten More Ways to Love Someone With Depression

Photo Credit: © stokkete – Fotolia.com You can find my original post, “Ten Ways to Love Someone With Depression”, HERE.  I actually found some of these (1-7) on Tumblr, where my post was cut and pasted here last year and currently has 373,210 notes. Not being active on Tumblr myself (but maybe I should be?), I […]

10 Holistic Solutions for Anxiety

This is a guest post from Mary Vance. Mary Vance is a certified holistic nutrition consultant in San Francisco. Her philosophy is simple: eat real food! Mary specializes in women’s health and  hormone balance, digestive wellness, and detoxification. She has been studying natural health and nutrition for over 20 years and reversed her own crippling anxiety using food, herbs, […]

5 Tools for Managing Depression and Anxiety

This is a guest post from Alexandra Hinton of the blog Caretactics. Alex has graciously offered to share her personal story of struggling with depression and anxiety, hitting rock bottom and finally turning her life around and taking charge. It is truly inspirational, and, I believe, can help many people who share experiences in common with Alex. […]

10 Steps to Living a Happy Life

 This post was written by my friend Julie de Lagarde. She is an incredible woman. Julie holds a black belt in Tai Chi, is an avid surfer, an author, practices acupuncture and blogs at Real Fit Mama. She is one of the most peaceful, happy and generous people I know, and I was so excited when […]