Muffin Cup Omelettes

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Muffin Cup Omelettes

Recently I was so lucky as to be able to babysit (chicken sit?) a friend’s backyard chickens while she went on vacation. She has beautiful hens.

chicken hen


There are nine of them and they are all very friendly. They have this simple coop to sleep in, and when there is someone to watch them, they have free reign of the yard where they enjoy scratching for bugs and even flying a bit! I was so suprised they could fly up to the fence and perch there. They need to be locked in when they are unsupervised because there are hawks and coyotes and other natural predators who like to eat chickens in the area. I felt a little bad about locking them up when I left, and I actually got very attached to them.

Which made me think about conventional factory egg production methods. I’m not going to go into it here, because this isn’t that sort of a blog, but suffice it to say, I don’t know anyone who would be okay with how battery hens are treated. And after caring for my friend’s hens, I have committed to not buying eggs produced in that manner ever again.


While I was watching her hens, the biggest perk (besides the fun and cuteness) was that I got to keep the eggs! We got almost two dozen and I used them ALL.

I made omelette muffins almost every day. And they were the most delicious little morsels I can possibly imagine because when you use the absolute best ingredients in a simple way, they shine.

I made both Paleo and Weston Price approved omelette muffins. My husband is trying the Paleo diet so I lined his muffin cups with good quality ham. For myself, I used a good quality sourdough that I buttered with grass-fed butter.I baked the ham for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees, then placed the little bread circles in my muffin cups.


I made two different kinds of omelette muffins. For the grain-free muffins I used feta cheese, sauteed onion and green bell pepper. For the sourdough omelette muffins I used crumbled bacon and shredded grass-fed cheese.




I baked them at 350 degrees until they were puffy and firm to the touch.




We ate them fresh from the oven, we refrigerated some and froze some. They were all very good.


Muffin Cup Omelettes

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    What a fantastic recipe! Can’t wait to try it both ways. Oh, and yes, your blog is coming up fine for me.