My Gradual Conversion to Minimalism

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My Conversion to Minimalism

Let Me Begin By Saying, I Love My Stuff

I have never considered myself to be a minimalist, or even interested in the idea of minimalism really. I love my stuff. A lot of my stuff is really nice! But I recently had a moment of clarity that made me change my mind.


I was reading a post in one of my favorite organizing blogs, half because I need great organizing tips for my teeny weeny duplex, and half because this particular blog has beautiful pictures. The blogger was talking about how she had organized her craft room/office space. (Keep in mind that my craft room/office space is in my living room, along with my dining room). I was enjoying the post, but then I realized all at once, our living spaces have nothing in common. She lives in a good sized house where everyone has a bedroom and, well, there’s an office/craft room! I live with my family of four in a two bedroom 600ish square foot duplex.

During the course of a typical day, I will lose something, have something fall on my head, shove something into a space that is too small to accommodate it, and say words that would make a Hell’s Angel blush. Additionally, I have a toddler who loves to take things out of their “place” and throw them on the ground. It gets really freaking a little chaotic.

And so I thought to myself, maybe I need to stop trying to organize all this stuff. Maybe I just need less stuff.

But I Really Really Love My Stuff!

And my brain rebelled. Because having all this stuff is kind of awful right now in this little place, but SOMEDAY we’ll have room for all of it, and it will be glorious. But what about today? Do I deserve to be happy today? Do I deserve to have a house that feels clean and light today? And I decided yes.

And So the Great Baker Purge of 2014 Began!

I went on a purging rampage once I’d made up my mind. If I didn’t have a place for something, didn’t love it or didn’t need it, I listed it on my local Buy Nothing page. Normally once I’ve decided to get rid of something I’ll hoard it for a  garage sale I may never have, but this time I meant business and all the extra stuff needed to go.

In just a couple days, I’d parted with 6 bags of stuff. Even better, I’d given that stuff to people who were getting use out of it! My son and husband noticed that the house was less messy, even when it was messy. And something else happened too. Something I didn’t expect.

And Great Things Happened!

I started to find new things coming into my life. Not “stuff”, but you could say my luck started to improve. The week I gave away so many of my nice shiny things that were making me miserable, I received a free session with a photographer. A stranger lent me a stroller for a trip to the zoo that another friend paid for. I found tons of healthy plants on a clearance rack for next to nothing and brightened up my yard. Opportunities to contribute financially to my family opened up.

Why would there be a correlation between giving things away and having improved luck though? It’s very simple. The Universe will not allow a vacuum to exist. If you get rid of something, something else will take its place. If you get rid of clutter, something better will replace it.

So am I a minimalist now? Well yes and no. I still have a lot of work to do. My house still has a decent amount of clutter, but it’s better! As for the philosophy of minimalism though, consider me converted.

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    Just read this article before reading your post. Definitely a correlation there!

    Thanks for post. Great motivation.