Essential Oils and Healthy Habits to Support Healthy Digestion

Your Digestive System. When it’s working right, you barely think about it. But if it’s out of whack, it can make your life miserable.  Healthy Habits to Support Your Digestive System *Stay Hydrated – Inadequate fluid intake can lead to sluggish digestion. Learn to pay attention to your body’s thirst signals. It’s not necessary to drink […]

5 Ways You Save Money on Organic Produce by Subscribing to a CSA

With mounting evidence that pesticides are more harmful to our health than previously believed, it’s more desirable than ever to buy only untreated produce. But is the cost of produce that hasn’t been sprayed with glyphosate prohibitive? Actually, no. Buying produce directly from the grower can actually help you save money while keeping you and your family […]

My Top Ten Tips for Packing a Real-Food Lunch

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch One of the questions I’m asked most often, is how to pack a healthy lunch. Most people who know me, either from this blog or from Mommy and Me, know that I try to feed my family a nourishing Weston A. Price type diet, also known as a Traditional Food diet. […]

How We Eat and Why

Whenever I look at other “Real Food” blogs, I often see an explanation of the author’s idea of what “Real Food” entails. I think this is helpful and I’ve decided to add a little “Real Food Manifesto” to my blog as well. I gave up healthy eating We began cooking and eating the way we […]

My Kitchen Essentials

These items are my personal kitchen essentials. You definitely don’t need every single thing here, but if you cook three meals a day, having a few good tools is very helpful! School Lunch Essentials My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets My Favorite Appliances Everything Else  

Do It Anyway

When I started moving toward a Real Food diet several years ago, I found I often got caught up in an “all or nothing” mindset. Our budget simply wasn’t large enough to accommodate the switch to 100% organic produce and pastured meats that a Real Food diet requires. And honestly, few people’s are. I did […]

5 Foods Your Grandparents Didn’t Eat

  I’m using the word “grandparents” loosely in this post, because I know some of my readers may be young enough to have grandparents who were raised eating these foods and if that’s you, then just think “great-grandparents”. My grandparents were born in the 1910s, and grew up eating fresh, local, and homemade foods.  The […]

Basic Chicken Broth Recipe

Making your own stock is one of the absolute best ways to improve your cooking both in nutrients and flavor.  Store bought broths are high in sodium and lack the amazing nutrients found in homemade stock.  I make this recipe weekly and use it to make sauces, I cook grains and vegetables in it, I […]