Grab and Go Breakfast Station

My son started his senior year of high school this year.  Usually on a big day like the first day of school, I’d get up early to make him a good breakfast. I don’t care that he drives, or that he’s going to be a legal adult in a little over a month. He’s still my […]

Back to School {Simplified} **Giveaway and $45 in Clothing Credits**

“You learn something every day if you pay attention.” – Ray LeBlond My oldest son is going to be a high school senior this year. A freaking senior.  I literally can’t even. Where does the time go?  That means I’ve been doing “Back to School” for twelve years of my life now. Plus three years […]

My Top Ten Tips for Packing a Real-Food Lunch

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch One of the questions I’m asked most often, is how to pack a healthy lunch. Most people who know me, either from this blog or from Mommy and Me, know that I try to feed my family a nourishing Weston A. Price type diet, also known as a Traditional Food diet. […]

Spring Sensory Table

Have I mentioned before that I used to be a preschool teacher? Well I was. Which makes the last year of Darling Baby’s life that much more appalling. Sure, we’ve played and read books and listened to music and gone to baby school, but as far as any real official “ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES” go, I’ve completely […]

My Kitchen Essentials

These items are my personal kitchen essentials. You definitely don’t need every single thing here, but if you cook three meals a day, having a few good tools is very helpful! School Lunch Essentials My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets My Favorite Appliances Everything Else  

20 Gluten Free School Lunch Box Ideas

  A month’s worth of gluten free lunches! Here are 20 Gluten Free school lunch box ideas. That’s a whole month of school lunches. My family isn’t gluten or grain free, but I know many of you are, and I do try to limit the amount of wheat my kiddos eat. I made it easy […]

Make-Ahead Smoothies

One way to make weekday mornings less chaotic is to plan ahead. For years, I’ve used smoothies as a quick, healthy breakfast, but it wasn’t until I saw this commercial smoothie lunch that I realized I could freeze them just like I froze purees for my baby! Whenever I make a morning smoothie, there’s always […]

We Stopped Using a Highchair

Shortly after Darling Baby had his first birthday, I decided it was time to stop using a high chair. So we went to Ikea and bought him a little table and some dishes. We wanted him to learn to sit at a table for meals and we wanted him to have furniture that was his […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 9/22/2013

I got Darling Baby’s lunch ready for “baby school” tonight so we could have a relaxing morning. There’s enough here for both of us. I packed two Maple-Bacon Meat Muffins, A raspberry-grape fruit skewer, two Carob-Date Truffles made with homemade peanut butter and rolled in cocoa powder and a Blueberry-Raspberry Coconut Flour Muffin. We use these […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 9/16/13

Darling Baby and I started attending a great little Mommy and Me Class on Mondays now that my Darling Teen is back in school. You should see how his eyes lit up when he saw all the toys and other babies. He has so much fun there. They play inside, then have singing time, then […]