Thanksgiving Prep Checklist {Free Download}

I made you a free printable PDF checklist to help you organize your Thanksgiving celebration! Just click here to download it!

Grey and Yellow Art {download}

We’re in the process of renovating our bathroom. I googled like crazy, looking for a fun, new color scheme I hadn’t used before and settled on grey and yellow. The bathroom in our last apartment (actually the entire apartment) was turquoise and chocolate, which was super cute, but by the time we moved to our […]

The Sistine Madonna (Free Download)

The Sistine Madonna by Rafael is a prominent fixture in most Waldorf Kindergartens.  While religious in nature, the significance of this painting goes far beyond Christian applications.  This painting is considered by prominent Waldorf educator Rene Querido, to be a “yantra”, or an image that reveals spiritual truths to the viewer and even has healing […]