Our Meals This Week (6/13-6/18)

I promised you I’d give you a look at our weekly meals so you could see what $25/person per week looks like in real life.  We shop at WinCo, Franz Bakery Outlet Grocery Outlet.  Monday: Taco Salad I used this recipe. I made my own tortilla strips by frying corn tortillas in avocado oil.  For the french […]

Raw Cacao-Cinnamon Chia Pudding

My mantra lately is K.I.S.S., Keep it simple, Skippy. I tend to over-complicate things, especially on holidays. I’m more likely to gravitate toward a recipe with with multiple steps and expensive ingredients because I want to make things special, but I’m learning as I get older that special doesn’t have to equal working myself to […]

I’m taking a coffee vacation, plus a giveaway!

  If you’re a regular reader, you know that last month I decided to do a Whole 30. I ended up losing quite a bit of weight (16 lbs to date) and feeling better than I have in a long time. I was so happy with the results in fact, I decided to continue my Whole 30 at least […]

5 Ways You Save Money on Organic Produce by Subscribing to a CSA

With mounting evidence that pesticides are more harmful to our health than previously believed, it’s more desirable than ever to buy only untreated produce. But is the cost of produce that hasn’t been sprayed with glyphosate prohibitive? Actually, no. Buying produce directly from the grower can actually help you save money while keeping you and your family […]

Join Me for a Whole 30!

October is here, the holidays are right around the corner, and we all want to look our best and have lots of energy for that busy time. That’s why I’ve decided to finally bite the bullet and do a Whole 30. What is a Whole 30 you ask? According to Dallas and Melissa Hartwig who […]

My Top Ten Tips for Packing a Real-Food Lunch

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch One of the questions I’m asked most often, is how to pack a healthy lunch. Most people who know me, either from this blog or from Mommy and Me, know that I try to feed my family a nourishing Weston A. Price type diet, also known as a Traditional Food diet. […]

Chia Jam

  Organic strawberries were stupid cheap at Trader Joe’s today. So I decided to try something out I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. Make chia jam.   I’ve never been much of a canner, which put me off of traditional jams, but this recipe makes almost exactly one jelly jar full of jam that lasts […]

Easy, Slow-Cooked Oxtail Stew

Add to Flipboard Magazine. We recently purchased a quarter of a grass-fed cow. It was a really great, affordable (well, per pound at least) way to stock our freezer with grass-fed beef, but we ended up with a lot of odd bits that I’ve never cooked before! I actually didn’t know what the oxtails were. […]

How We Eat and Why

Whenever I look at other “Real Food” blogs, I often see an explanation of the author’s idea of what “Real Food” entails. I think this is helpful and I’ve decided to add a little “Real Food Manifesto” to my blog as well. I gave up healthy eating We began cooking and eating the way we […]

My Kitchen Essentials

These items are my personal kitchen essentials. You definitely don’t need every single thing here, but if you cook three meals a day, having a few good tools is very helpful! School Lunch Essentials My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets My Favorite Appliances Everything Else