Back to School {Simplified} **Giveaway and $45 in Clothing Credits**

“You learn something every day if you pay attention.” – Ray LeBlond My oldest son is going to be a high school senior this year. A freaking senior.  I literally can’t even. Where does the time go?  That means I’ve been doing “Back to School” for twelve years of my life now. Plus three years […]

My Top Ten Tips for Packing a Real-Food Lunch

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch One of the questions I’m asked most often, is how to pack a healthy lunch. Most people who know me, either from this blog or from Mommy and Me, know that I try to feed my family a nourishing Weston A. Price type diet, also known as a Traditional Food diet. […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 3/31/14

Today we took lunch to the park and Darling Baby had: Clementines and blackberries Naturally cured salami Grass fed cheese cut into flower shapes A coconut flour banana streusel muffin Popcorn popped in coconut oil with butter from grass fed cows  

Darling Baby’s Lunch 3/26/14

Today we are running errands and taking a trip to the park. I packed Darling Baby: Leftover Grain-Free Taco Pizza from last night (recipe still in testing) Berry and grape skewers Sour cream for the taco pizza and dipping the berries Soaked and dehydrated walnuts Diced tomatoes We are using this fun new container.

Darling Baby’s Lunch 1-27-14

Today we packed a lunch to take to the lake. We’ve been trying to spend a few hours every morning out in nature so that Darling Baby gets tired out, and I find it’s less stressful to let him run off his energy in a wide open space than to police him at home. Today’s Lunch […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 1-25-14

Today I made Darling Baby: A Pumpkin Spice Coconut Flour Muffin with this recipe Blackberries Ham Roll-ups with cheese and avocado

My Kitchen Essentials

These items are my personal kitchen essentials. You definitely don’t need every single thing here, but if you cook three meals a day, having a few good tools is very helpful! School Lunch Essentials My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets My Favorite Appliances Everything Else  

20 Gluten Free School Lunch Box Ideas

  A month’s worth of gluten free lunches! Here are 20 Gluten Free school lunch box ideas. That’s a whole month of school lunches. My family isn’t gluten or grain free, but I know many of you are, and I do try to limit the amount of wheat my kiddos eat. I made it easy […]

Darling Baby’s Lunch 1-8-14

  Today Darling Baby is having some of his favorites: Cucumbers Dates A chicken and grass-fed cheese quesadilla fried in pastured lard (organic corn tortilla) Nothing fancy, but he loves it! I used this container.   

Darling Baby’s Lunch 1-7-14

Today’s lunch has: Grass-fed, nitrate free all-beef hot dogs (always cut up hot dogs for small children or they are a choking hazard) Fermented cranberry sauce (recipe here) Grass-fed cheese Mustard for dipping Clementines Cucumbers