What I Wish I’d Known During My First Pregnancy

When I became pregnant with my youngest son last year,  I had no idea how many things had changed since my last pregnancy fifteen years ago.  With my first son, I bought a stroller, he slept in a crib nightly, was supplemented with formula.  In 1997 I hadn’t heard of Dr. Sears or attachment parenting.  Crunchy […]

Must-Read Books for Before, During and After Pregnancy

Until recently, women had few choices about what to read to prepare for childbirth and parenthood.  Mostly the ever-present “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, which is not necessarily the best choice for women who desire to have a gentle birth with minimal interventions.  There are now many excellent books available to prepare the modern mother […]

Everything I Know About Nursing Bras

If you are pregnant and plan to breast feed, sooner or later you will find yourself in need of a nursing bra.  These are also sold as “maternity” bras, but you really don’t need a nursing bra while you’re still pregnant (unless of course you’re breastfeeding while pregnant, and in that case, I salute you). […]