April 2014 Stitch fix Review

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April Stitchfix Review

I’ve been in a bit of a style slump lately. I’m a play-at-home mom and blogger, so my wardrobe needs are rarely fancier than jeans and a hoodie.  And that’s what I wear Every. Single. Day.

And there’s really nothing wrong with that.

But in the last couple of months two things have happened. The first thing is that I’ve found myself in more situations where I need to look a little more pulled together and professional. The second, is I did an online course called Dressing Your Truth, and it made me change the way I thought about clothes and how I present myself to the world. (I’ll be writing a post about that soon.)

Enter Stitchfix. Stitchfix is a company that makes it possible for average gals (like me) to have a personal stylist. It’s really easy and fun! And it makes me feel fancy!

Here’s how Stitchfix works:

1. You fill out a Style Profile. My style is somewhere in between “Classic” and “Edgy” with a little “Glamorous” thrown in. You tell your stylist about your lifestyle (I asked for tops with easy access for breastfeeding, ie loose and flowy or button up/zip up), your likes and dislikes (I said NO to fur or fake fur!) what kinds of things you’d like to see in your fix and give them your measurements. You can also tell them what price point you’re interested in. I am only looking for a few upscale pieces, so I went a little higher than I normally would with my preferred price point. I also told them I wanted to stretch my style boundaries a little. I think part of the fun is trying on things I wouldn’t normally buy! I also put together a Pinterest board for them to look at, and it’s obvious from the items they picked for me that they looked at it and listened to my preferences.

2. You pick a day to get your fix. You can schedule just one, or you can subscribe to monthly fixes. The styling fee is $20.00.

3. You receive your fix. There are 5 items in it. You try on the items, decide which you want to keep and pay for those (your styling fee will be credited to any pieces you keep!) and put the rest into their handy dandy prepaid mailer and send them back within 3 days.

When it arrives it looks like a present!
  April Stitchfix Review

It comes with a Style Card like this one so you’re not just getting random pieces of clothing, you’re getting advice from a professional stylist!

April Stitchfix Review

I used my style card to put some outfits together with things I already had. This is one reason I like this A LOT better than regular shopping. When you’re at the mall, you don’t have your whole closet there to mix and match with. It’s also not much fun to shop with a toddler.

Here is my April 2014 Stitch Fix Review:

1. Alessandra Striped and Colorblocked Blouse from 41Hawthorn-$54

I really liked this shirt. It had everything I was looking for. High contrast, bold colors, a nice drape and an upscale look. The fit was slightly too big though. I give it an 8/10

April Stitchfix Review

2. Adora Skinny Jean in Soft Orange by Just Black-$88

I paired these with a striped top of my own and boots just like on my style card. I felt like such a pro! Ha! I thought they were really cute and I loved the soft, stretchy fabric they were made out of, but sadly they were a smidgen too small and I prefer brighter, bolder colors. These get a 7/10

April Stitchfix Review

3.  Fontana Striped & Colorblocked Tank by Collective Concepts-$58

I paired this with the Adora Skinny Jeans as per my stylist’s recommendation. It felt like such a fun, stylish, Spring-y look! I would never have put it together on my own. The top fit great and I loved everything about it. It was exactly what I was looking for. Something I could dress down for running errands and Mommy and Me class, or dress up for a convention or a nice dinner. This top got a 10/10

April Stitchfix Review

4. Helga Abstract Print Pocket-Front Tank by Daniel Rain-$68

This top was the dark horse of the collection! When I first tried it on with the black skinny jeans I happened to be wearing, I HATED it. It made me look extremely wide around the middle. But when I styled it with a loose cardi and casual jeans like on the style card I fell in love! This is why I like shopping this way better than in a store. I would never have bought this if I’d tried it on in a store, but having a couple days to play with it totally changed my mind. I felt so stylish and comfortable in this outfit! It is perfect for my lifestyle. 10/10

April Stitchfix Review

5. Micah Glitter Donut Infinity Scarf by Look by M-$32

And then there was this thing.

Every other item I got looked like it belonged in the same person’s wardrobe, and then I got this strange, glittery mermaid scarf. What were they thinking? No. Just no. 0/10

April Stitchfix Review
So there you have it. That was my April Stitchfix. The good, the REALLY good, and the “What-Were-They-Thinking”??? What did I end up keeping? NOTHING! Aghhhhh!! I was broke! Oh noes! It’s okay though, I had SO MUCH FUN doing this post, I definitely got my $20 worth!

Click here to try out Stitchfix now!

Full Disclosure: That’s my referral link, just so you know! I’m not an affiliate for Stitchfix, I haven’t been paid or gifted with anything for writing this! I bought my own fix, and I really had fun with it!

April Stitchfix Review

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