Work With Me

 I would love the opportunity to work with your company! I do a limited number of product reviews, giveaways and sponsored posts and am very choosy about who I do them for. If you are a company with an emphasis on natural, toxin free living, natural parenting or Paleo/Weston Price food, let’s work together! 

Please contact me at

Interested in guest posting for my blog or doing a YouTube collab? 

I accept guest posts very occasionally, almost always from bloggers I know. If you want to guest post for me, make an effort to get to know me. If you’ve never commented on any of my social media, or don’t even follow me, we probably aren’t going to work together. If you make an effort to connect with me on a human level, and give me an opportunity to get acquainted with your work, I’ll be much more likely to accept a post from you. 

If I do accept a guest post from you, I will allow you to link back to your blog (so you need to have one). I don’t allow affiliate links or links to products/offerings you sell. 

I am only interested in these subject areas: Natural/Waldorf/Attachment Parenting, Weston Price/Paleo Recipes.

If you want to do a video collab, please email me and ‘like’ my YouTube channel. If our channels have similar or complementary content then I’ll probably say yes.