A Day in the Life of a Blogging Mom

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You wake up to your dog staring at you. You gently try to extricate yourself from the toddler who has managed to attach himself to you in his sleep, velcro-like. He wakes up displeased. He vocalizes his displeasure as you run to the back door with the dog, yelling comforting assurances as you go. “Mommy will be right back! Mommy loves you!”

You see the coffee pot as you turn to go appease the toddler. You pour yourself a large glass of day old coffee. You look down to see your toddler has followed you. He begins climbing you like a tree. You immediately realize his diaper is soaked. You go to get a diaper and realize you’ve washed his diapers but not dried them. You change the baby into a swim diaper and throw the load of diapers into the dryer.

You look at the clock and realize your husband will be awake soon. You pull a breakfast sandwich out of the freezer and throw it in the toaster oven. You make the coffee. You make him a sandwich for lunch. There’s no mayo. So you improvise. Salad dressing is a lot like mayo. You use that. You’ve done all this one-handed while holding the toddler who is furiously motor-boating your chest. He may want to nurse. You throw your husband’s lunch and a cup of coffee on his desk and nurse the baby. You grab your iPad so you can manage your blog page and be Super Productive Mom. It’s dead. You’re bored out of your mind. You mentally go through your plans for the day. You’re still Super Productive Mom.

You’re going to make an editorial calendar for September. You’re going to write a great post about Coffee Kombucha. It’s totally going to go viral. You’re going to revamp your Facebook page. This will all happen today. Winners don’t make excuses and you’re a winner.

Your toddler finishes nursing. You give him some food for breakfast and run to the bathroom. You’re only gone two minutes. You come back to find your husband’s lunch on the floor being fed to the dog by the toddler. You make noises. You make another sandwich. Your husband leaves for work.

You mentally prioritize your day. You’ll do the dishes first because you can’t think in a dirty house. You realize ants are coming in the house from the back yard. You go on a killing spree. You begin unloading the dishwasher, assisted by your toddler who helps by throwing silverware on the floor and climbing in. Then, the cookbook review copy you’ve just received catches your attention. You realize you need to make a dish from it to review on the blog. You quicly flip through it and find a recipe you have the ingredients for. You decide to get your toddler occupied so you can make the dish and work on the blog. You fill the sand and water table and squeeze some bubbles in to his delight. You are one awesome mom. You realize he’s still wearing a swim diaper.  You unload the diapers from the dryer. You change his diaper. You show him how darned fun it is to play in the bubbles. He looks up and smiles like an angel. You love him so much. Then you realize he’s turning red and grunting. He’s pooping. You change him again.

You go back to the kitchen and start the recipe. You get the chicken marinating. You are a winner. You empty the dishwasher. You’ve got this. You’ll be working on your blog in no time. You realize you’re still in your pajamas. You get dressed.

You look at the clock. It’s lunch time. Your toddler comes into the kitchen smiling broadly. He dumps a large bucket of water on the floor. He is covered in mud. You wipe up the water and bathe your toddler. He protests. He emerges…cleanish. You prepare lunch. You realize you haven’t eaten breakfast. You get a notice that you have items ready to ship on eBay. You get them ready to ship and drive to the post office. You ship them. You get home and your toddler has fallen asleep in the car. You tranistion him to bed and excitedly plan all the things you’ll accomplish during nap time. You put the marinated chicken in the crock pot and pull out some broth from the freezer for making rice later. You open your blog dashboard. You hear your toddler. He’s awake.

You put Caspar Babypants on Pandora and dance around with your toddler. You read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. You have a snack (which is really breakfast for you). You show your toddler where his nose is. He promptly forgets. You sit down with a cup of coffee and space out for a minute. The dog and toddler sieze the opportunity and empty the kitchen trash. You clean up the trash. You load the dishwasher. You pet the dog.  You realize he has fleas. You research natural flea remedies on your phone. You come up emptyhanded.

You realize without an Act of God you will not be blogging about Coffee Kombucha. You wish you actually had some ready to drink right now. You decide to write this post instead. You do it with a toddler climbing you like a tree and mashing the keyboard.

Your husband comes home and asks what you did all day. Nothing you say.

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  1. seriously- LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    “Your husband comes home and asks what you did all day. Nothing you say.”

  2. We might have the same life……lol