5 Steps Toward Minimalism

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This post was written by Kirsten McCormick of Cheerfully Imperfect. Read more about her thoughts on minimalism here.

About Kirsten in her own words: Somewhere along my journey I realized that contrary to my natural inclination, burning the candle at both ends and packing my schedule full did not lead to contentment. The more I try to do at one time, the faster life seems to slip by. I don’t want life to slip by. I don’t want to miss a single moment with my amazing husband or my four precious children. So, I imagined what an ideal day looked like and what I wanted to spend each day doing. Instead of hoping for someday, I called that day, “Today.” That is why I homeschool. Because my perfect day is spent with my kids. That is why I cook wholesome food from scratch. Because I want good health for them right now. That is why I sing, read, walk, swim and write. Because my perfect day has time for those things. Not someday. Today.

 5 Steps Toward Minimalism

 5 Steps Toward Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t about owning nothing or having completely bare walls. It’s not some sort asceticism or doing without. It simply means getting rid of the unnecessary to make room for  what really matters. To streamline and simplify. Excess clutters not only our homes, but our minds and emotions. But           sometimes not matter how much we would like to minimalize and simplify, it is too overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.          

Here are 5 ways to minimalize TODAY.

#1: Don’t Organize

Say what? That’s right.  Instead of approaching the clutter with a mindset to find a place for everything, consider purging and getting rid of things you don’t need instead. Even if you organize it, that means that eventually you will have to reorganize it.  Especially kids stuff. They will get it out and leave it             everywhere again. Owning less means less to organize.   

#2: Ask yourself the right questions

Tired of clutter? You are asking yourself the wrong question. “What can I get rid of?” is not going to help you purge very much, because we have the natural inclination to hang on to as much as possible. Turn the question around and ask yourself  what you really need to keep.

#3: Be willing to let go

Sometimes we are hanging on to things not because they are useful or beautiful, but because we have some sort of emotional attachment to them. Or we are   saving them for our kids someday (they will never care as much as you think). Be willing to let go. Remember that experiences outweigh things and the best gifts you can give your children are those of time and special experiences. Not “stuff”.

#4  Stop making wish lists

Our culture tells us that to be happy be need more stuff. We feel like if we only had that new thing for our kitchen or this new thing in the bedroom, we would be so happy. Maybe for a little while.  But as soon as the novelty wears off we will just want some other thing. Consider making a minimalist wish  list next time a birthday or holiday rolls around.

#5: Stop looking for sales

This was one of the hardest steps for me, because my mindset is always about saving money. But buying something you don’t truly need does not save you money, no matter how ON SALE it might be. Buy what you need, when you need it and no more. This was a novel idea for me. To drive right past a garage sale was unheard of. Now, I only stop if there is something in particular I know we need (ex.  my eight year old is growing out of his pants, lets see if there are any in his size).

When you stop viewing the world in terms of what you can get and start viewing it in terms of what you have and can do, be and experience, life is simpler. It is more beautiful. And it is less cluttered.

Thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts and ideas for decluttering and minimalizing!

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5 Steps Toward Minimalism

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