What I Wish I’d Known During My First Pregnancy

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What I WIsh I'd Known During My First PregnancyWhen I became pregnant with my youngest son last year,  I had no idea how many things had changed since my last pregnancy fifteen years ago.  With my first son, I bought a stroller, he slept in a crib nightly, was supplemented with formula.  In 1997 I hadn’t heard of Dr. Sears or attachment parenting.  Crunchy moms were nowhere to be found, or at least I never saw one!

I learned so much during my most recent pregnancy that I wish I’d known when I had my first son, and this past year I’ve learned even more.  Here are a few things I’m glad I know now:

I took these herb capsules the month prior to delivering.  With my first son I had an epidural and took no herbs or tonics to prepare for labor.  It went on forever.  How long? I don’t know.  I’ve blocked it out.  This time I was in active labor THREE HOURS. That’s all.  My friend took them the full six weeks recommended and had a 45 minute labor.  I also used Evening Primrose Oil  in conjunction to the herb capsules, and drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea  throughout my pregnancy. Always consult a medical practitioner before you try any herbs or supplements, ESPECIALLY DURING PREGNANCY.

Babywearing is miraculous.  I’ve gone anywhere and everywhere with a happy baby tucked in my Ergo.  Lots of my friends also loved their Moby wrap for the tiny, floppy newborn phase, but I am not much of a wrapper.  I would have liked to have had a ring sling after I saw how sweet and snuggly my friend’s tiny new baby was in hers.  Seriously, I don’t even own a stroller and I don’t miss it.  When we go to a crowded event and I see people trying to maneuver their gigantic bugaboos through the masses, or when I see a tiny woman lugging around a gigantic car seat  I always want to show them how much easier babywearing is.  And if you get into the world of woven wraps, it can be a much prettier choice too!  And there are babywearing groups popping up all over the place.  It’s a great way to meet other cool moms!

Hazelwood and Baltic Amber are amazing.  When worn on the skin, hazelwood helps neutralize acidity in the body and can help with reflux and baltic amber releases succinic acid, a natural pain reliever.  My son has worn a necklace with a combination of the two since birth and it makes teething and tummy troubles far less painful.

Cloth diapers.  Dare I say they make diapering kind of…fun?  I use the pocket style and they’re easy, colorful and the best part is, I don’t need to go to the grocery store to buy more disposable diapers…ever.  Every time I’ve ever had my little guy in a disposable diaper (when we’ve gone camping or during our last move for example) he’s ended up with a poop covered outfit.  I’ve never had a single blowout with cloth though. And think about all the chemicals that WON’T be right next to your little one’s sensitive parts, and what a great thing you’re doing for the environment.  Cloth diapering is also another way to meet cool moms.  Look for a real diaper group in your area here!

You need a good nursing bra.  You deserve several.

These are great books to read during the antepartum period.

What do you wish you’d known when you had your first baby?


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