July 2016 Stitch Fix Review

  I stopped getting boxes from Stitch Fix last year after committing to only buy clothes from ethical sources.  I’m not saying Stitch Fix is unethical, I had received some items in the past from China though, and I’m no longer comfortable buying things made in China. And let’s face it, I’m impulsive.  So when […]

Our Meals This Week (6/13-6/18)

I promised you I’d give you a look at our weekly meals so you could see what $25/person per week looks like in real life.  We shop at WinCo, Franz Bakery Outlet Grocery Outlet.  Monday: Taco Salad I used this recipe. I made my own tortilla strips by frying corn tortillas in avocado oil.  For the french […]

Darling Dollars: Taming Our Food Budget

I wanted to write a series of posts about finances and give them a unified name. Is Darling Dollars to cutesy? It is, isn’t it. I don’t care. I’m going with it.  Now let’s talk about food budgets. My husband and I have committed to buckling down and getting out of debt in the next ten […]

A little update

I haven’t written a blog post in six months.  S I X  M O N T H S Wow.  And I’ve stopped introducing myself to people as “A Blogger”.  I’ve stopped checking my Google Analytics, almost totally quit social media and rarely hang out in blogger groups anymore.  You may wonder…why? In all honesty, I […]

Essential Oils and Healthy Habits to Support Healthy Digestion

Your Digestive System. When it’s working right, you barely think about it. But if it’s out of whack, it can make your life miserable.  Healthy Habits to Support Your Digestive System *Stay Hydrated – Inadequate fluid intake can lead to sluggish digestion. Learn to pay attention to your body’s thirst signals. It’s not necessary to drink […]

When Nothing Sparks Joy: The KonMari Method and Depression

A few months ago I wrote this review of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It fit so perfectly with my desire to live an uncluttered, minimalist lifestyle that I wanted to begin immediately.  The book recommends decluttering items in your home in a specific order. Clothing, Books, Papers, Komono (a […]

Thanksgiving Prep Checklist {Free Download}

I made you a free printable PDF checklist to help you organize your Thanksgiving celebration! Just click here to download it!

Grab and Go Breakfast Station

My son started his senior year of high school this year.  Usually on a big day like the first day of school, I’d get up early to make him a good breakfast. I don’t care that he drives, or that he’s going to be a legal adult in a little over a month. He’s still my […]

Fall Style: Leopard Mocs, Two Ways

Disclosure: Vionic offered to send me a pair of shoes, of my choice, out of their Fall collection, and I accepted. I’ve purchased Vionic shoes in the past and loved them. I did not agree to say anything specific about the shoes, and I was not offered any additional payment to write this post.  All […]

Meet the Girls

 We got chickens!    We recently acquired a mama chicken and her three babies from a family who needed to move. They ran around like crazy and hid while I tried to take their pictures, so here is a picture of the mama and one baby. (But you can see a wee beak belonging to […]