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Using a fertility monitor to get pregnant

This post is part of a series following us as we TTC (Try to Conceive) our third baby using a Clearblue® Touchscreen Fertility Monitor. Post #1 can be found here and Post #2 is here.

I’ve wrapped up my first TTC cycle using the Clearblue® Touchscreen Fertility Monitor. As of right now, it’s still too early to take a pregnancy test, so we’ll all have to wait to see if I’ll be using it again next month. 

I’ve been getting a lot of questions (some have been pretty personal) since I started this series of posts, so I thought I’d use this post to answer some of the most-asked. 

Question One: I’m not a techie person. Is the monitor easy to use, or is there a learning curve? 

I was worried about the same thing, but it’s totally easy to use. The monitor guides you through setup and then after that, it’s the one doing all the work. It reminds you to test and then it interprets and records the results. Really it’s completely intuitive. Except you do have to put the test sticks in right side up. So don’t throw out the instruction booklet, because when I tried to test with the stick upside down (rookie mistake), it gave me an error code, and it was very handy to be able to look it up right away and see what I was doing wrong. 

Question Two: Have you shared data from the monitor with your doctor?

I haven’t had any reason to visit a doctor recently, so no. However, I’ll absolutely be taking my monitor with me to my first appointment if/when I get pregnant. They always ask for information about your cycle and I’m never prepared. This time I’ll be the most prepared patient they’ve ever had. I have a scenario in my head where my health care professional asks what the first day of my last cycle was, and I whip out my monitor and show them in extreme detail. In my head, the doctor/midwife is extremely impressed. 

Question Three: Has this process affected your…intimate life at all?

Well first of all, that’s a very cheeky question. All I’ll say to that is that the monitor definitely put us on a schedule. But when you’re married with two kids, spontaneity isn’t really ideal, or even possible anyway, so this definitely hasn’t hurt. 

Question Four: A lot of TTC Vloggers/Bloggers had big baby-making plans for Valentine’s Day. Did you do anything special?

Valentine’s Day and “Peak Week” (that’s what I’m calling my fertile week) didn’t coincide. We exchanged gifts the evening before and had some nice lobster tails for late lunch/early dinner as a family on Valentine’s Day, but my husband’s band was playing at a dance that night so we didn’t do anything big. 

Question Five: How are you feeling about the whole process?

I’m feeling very positive. I know with 100 percent certainty the day I actually ovulated because I actually felt it. I can’t recall that ever happening before, but the day was the exact day my monitor predicted. (Or at least, it was right after my peak week). We definitely didn’t miss out on any fertile days, so if I didn’t get pregnant this month it’s not because the monitor didn’t do its job. I’m excited to take a pregnancy test, but I’ll be okay if it’s negative. We’ll just keep trying, and if it’s meant to be then it will be, and if not, we know we did everything we could short of medical intervention, which we don’t plan to do. 

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Using a fertility monitor to get pregnant

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