The Two Week Wait and Pregnancy Test Results

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 Get Pregnant with a Fertility Monitor

 This post is part of a series following us as we TTC (Try to Conceive) our third baby using a Clearblue® Touchscreen Fertility Monitor. Post #1 can be found here, Post #2 is here and Post #3 is here.

The Two Week Wait

There are a lot of ways you can distract yourself during the dreaded Two Week Wait (that’s the period of time after your fertile ‘peak week’ and before you can get a positive test).

  • You can take up a new hobby or spend time on an old hobby.
  • You can exercise.
  • You can clean out your closet and organize your pantry.
  • You can start a garden.
  • You can learn a new cooking technique.

These are all smart, productive, non-baby related things that will distract you while you wait to test like a reasonable person. I am not a reasonable person.

I spent my Two Week Wait doing the absolute worst thing you can do. I bought a bag full of dollar store pregnancy tests and tested almost every day. Then I stared at the tests, photographed them, texted pictures to my friend, and she stared at them with me. I did this until I got one that had the faintest hint of a line. Then I went out and bought two Clearblue® digital tests so I could get a straight “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” result. 

Pregnancy Test Results

We aren’t pregnant. And that’s totally okay. When the words “Not Pregnant” emerged on the digital test, my husband and I were both disappointed, but we didn’t preoccupy ourselves thinking about it. While I would have loved to have gotten a BFP (big fat positive) test this month, we haven’t been trying to conceive (TTC) very long. I’m not at all discouraged and even if it turns out that we waited too long for baby #3, we have two beautiful kids who we’re very grateful for. 

What’s Next?

We’re already well into our second cycle using our fertility monitor and I’m looking into natural ways to optimize our chances. People have suggested taking vitex, so I’m looking into that, and I’ve been reading a lot of books about optimal pre-conception diets, so I’m doing my best to follow some of those guidelines.

We plan to keep TTC using the monitor for a few more months, and I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going, and when and if we get a BFP, rest assured I’ll be announcing it on the blog. 

Final Thoughts and Impressions

While we didn’t get pregnant in one cycle like I’d hoped we would, I still think the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor is going to be a huge asset for us. It’s a pricey item, but if you’re like me and your biological clock is ticking, I think it’s worth it. I really wish we’d known about it sooner and I’m telling my friends about it. 

Learn more about my #BabyMakingDays journey by checking in on my blog and learn more about Clearblue’s® Fertility Monitor with Touchscreen by following them on Facebook and Twitter  and by visiting the Clearblue® website.

Using a fertility monitor to get pregnant

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