Reflections on the Past Year {And a Simple Carpet Freshener Recipe}

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Simple, Inexpensive Carpet Freshener with Baking Soda and Essential Oils

I wouldn’t say 2014 was a bad year. I’d call it brutal.

Some really bad things did happen, I’m not going to lie, but then some CrazyWonderfulAmazing things happened too. Did they take the suck out of the every day Awfulness we were experiencing? No, not really. But they were certainly a welcome distraction. And looking back, I feel profoundly grateful to have had so many amazing opportunities.

Some of the highlights of 2014:

This blog was visited by MILLIONS of people when I wrote a post that I thought would lose me some readers. 

I was a guest on HuffPo Live

I was published in Esperanza Magazine

I had a recipe featured in HuffPost Taste

I got a mention on Mark’s Daily Apple’s Recipe Corner

We paid off our minivan.

I did two rounds of Whole 30 and lost 15 lbs (and got my energy back)

I joined Young Living, discovered the miracle of Cedarwood Essential Oil and my toddler started going to bed at a normal hour. (This is actually the best thing out of all the things. SLEEP! A post on this is in the works. Tired mothers everywhere will thank me.)

I quit Facebook for 6 months and WOW did it change my relationships.

I got rid of a ton of stuff I didn’t need.

I moved from California to Washington! 

And most of these things never would have happened if I hadn’t started blogging. 

I can not wait to see what 2015 has in store for me and my family! Now for a DIY Cleaning Recipe:

Baking Soda and Essential Oil Carpet Freshener

I have two dogs. They’re both Chihuahua mixes and they were both rescues. I love them dearly, but they do smell like…dogs. It’s not their fault. But when they lay on my carpet, they make my carpet smell like dogs. I really don’t know how such small bodies can spread dog smell over so much square footage, I think maybe it’s their superpower. 

So I bought a carpet shampooer off of craigslist. It’s great. But just like I use a dry shampoo for my hair in between washings, I need something for the carpet for in-between shampoos. I don’t use it often, it’s just something to sprinkle around before company comes. 

I’ve seen recipes that use borax, but I prefer not to use borax around my dogs and kids. It’s not a good thing to be breathing in, and I find baking soda alone works just fine. 

I haven’t specified what essential oils you should use, because I think this is one situation where you should just pick one you like the smell of. For deoderizing carpets, shoes or cars, my favorite oil is a blend from Young Living called Purification. It’s amazing for getting rid of unpleasant odors, and if you have any issues with fleas, they hate it. I think Lavender is a beautiful smell as well, but feel free to pick and choose based on your own preferences! 


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Simple, inexpensive carpet deoderizer

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  1. I love using baking soda. It is natural & I don’t have to worry about it with dogs & grand daughter playing on the rug. I do not yet have the extra $$ for essential oils (one of these days), so I add cinnamon & cloves to my baking soda mix. I use an empty spice bottle, (i have a ton of these), and presto- instant carpet refresher! Makes the vacuum smell wonderful too! Thank you & love your blog!!- Danielle

  2. Judith Kelley says:

    Very nice recipe. You could use peppermint when you make Santa’s footprints at Christmas

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