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Looking ahead to an amazing year of blogging in 2015


I sent all of my subscribers a survey last night. You may have gotten one. You may have filled it out. If you did, thank you.

I love blogging. Since I started this blog almost two years ago now, I’ve been exposed to people, ideas and experiences that have changed who I am on a fundamental level. I’ve grown as a person and my world has gotten bigger. I’m more positive, confident and full of purpose than I could have ever imagined I’d be. 

And sometimes I write a post that really resonates with you {my fantastic readers} and it’s amazing. We connect through cyberspace and it fires me up and makes me want to pour myself into writing and photography and recipe development. But then more often I post something and get no response. Zero. And I feel like I wasted my time and yours. 

So I sent you a survey to get back to basics. I wanted to know what you want. What’s working and what’s not. What’s actually helpful and maybe a little interesting to you, and what you really don’t care to see. 

Here are the results:

Stitch Fix Reviews

While these have actually been some of my more successful posts numbers-wise, I wondered how my core readership felt about them. After all, this isn’t a fashion blog and they are a little “fluffy”. About half of you who answered the survey like them. The other half is neutral, and one person doesn’t like them. So I think it’s worth including fashion-type posts on occasion. I’m considering cutting back to every other month with Stitch Fix though, and maybe doing something along the lines of thrift shop or organic clothing posts as well. I’d love to hear what you think about that. 

Which Type of Post Would You Most Like to Read?

I only gave three options, Recipes/Tutorials, Personal Posts and Product Reviews. You told me overwhelmingly that you want recipes and tutorials. You want lots of detailed instructions and photographs. I hear you! I’ll dust off my camera and get to work! You’re also interested in some personal posts and product reviews, but only very occasionally. I have been seriously thinking about how to proceed with reviews and endorsements. It’s really exciting as a blogger when people start giving you things to review. For me, it’s not about the free stuff, it’s about feeling noticed and validated, and that feels great. And I only accept and review things I think are good and useful and fit with my brand, but at the same time, as a blog reader I know that when my favorite bloggers suddenly turn into “all reviews all the time” I don’t like that. I always think, You’ve changed, man! So I’m going to limit those kinds of posts in the future. 

Essential Oil Posts, Do You Want Them Here or Moved to My Essential Oil Blog,

As many of you know, I am a representative for Young Living Essential Oils. Which basically means I’m probably way more excited about eo’s than the majority of the population! I didn’t want to turn you off with my enthusiasm. Most of you were neutral, or said keep the Essential Oil posts here, so that’s what I’ll do. I’m working on perfecting a lot of fun DIY recipes, so stay tuned! {And I’ve gotta say it because I can’t shut up about it, I’d love to have you join my team in 2015, click here or message me at kelley{at}thedarlingbakers{dot}com if you’re curious! It was the best choice I made in 2014 by far!}

Videos: Should I Include Them With Posts?

You guys told me that you’d rather have written posts than videos, but both together were fine. I totally get that! I won’t do a video instead of a post unless there’s a really good reason. 

Is There Anything Else You Want Me to Know?

You guys want more DIY, more gardening posts, more pictures, more healthy living stuff and many of you said the most important thing is more genuine posts. I can do that. Blogging is weird, you try to please too many people and you end up making no one happy. 

You also said some really nice, encouraging things that I can’t tell you how much I appreciate. Thank you so much for your feedback. Now I need to go get to work!

Do you have more to tell me? Talk to me in the comments! I’m all ears!

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Hi! I'm Kelley. Real foodie and crunchy mom to a teenager and a toddler. My husband and I live in Southern California.


  1. Judith Kelley says:

    I don’t think people don’t like videos. I often don’t have success watching them. They can be glitchy on any site. Plus it’s sometimes time consuming. You have excellent decorating skills. That would be fun to see as well

  2. Thank you for giving readers an input into your blogging content.
    I LOVE DIY!! & “how to’s” are awesome with detailed instruction.
    There are so many blogs out there & as a reader it is a hit or miss thing. Sometimes the content is just the “thing” at that particular time, and well, sometimes it just isn’t an interest we/I have that day.
    Keep doing what you are doing, it is working! Not everyday will be something I may be interested in, but I will continue to check things out. Thank you again for involving your readers. – Danielle

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